Why I Do What I Do

I imagine a future with more role models, more leaders, more stories told, more truths shared, and more optimism spread.

I believe in people that are purpose-driven, self-motivated, and passionate about making a big impact to the world.

My mission is to help individuals that are hungry to take action on their dreams.

Together we redefine what it truly means to be confident, charismatic, and influential.

Organizations I've Worked With

My 2017 Projects

Dan Akers

Visual Effects Supervisor
Blur Studios

"In 2017, I had to present at the world's largest conference in computer graphics (SIGGRAPH). Michael helped me build the confidence and content to inspire an audience of 2000 people. And as a result of our training, I have finally overcome a lifelong fear of public speaking."

To see Dan in action, click here

Tristan de Montebello

2017 World Championship of Public Speaking Finalist
CEO, AboutTheStart.com

"In 7 months, Michael took me from ZERO public speaking experience to the finals of the World Championships of Public Speaking! Never would I have imagined that out of 30,000 competitors, I would find myself standing amongst the top 10. Best of all, I was able to share a message I genuinely believed in - in front of an audience of 3000 people."

To read more about Tristan's journey, click here

Other 2017 Projects

Hana Mayeda


"Ask me any question, on or off camera, and I know I can answer it with confidence and creativity. This is all thanks to Michael and his unconventional style of coaching."

Monica Levy

SVP Sales
Federation Entertainment

"Michael helped me overcome my self-consciousness and fear of public speaking. I truly feel now that I could give a speech on the spur of the moment in front of a crowd."

Len Mugin

SVP Techops

"Michael is a remarkably effective public speaking coach. He immediately improved my presentation style and elevated my confidence in speaking and leading others."

Experience a new style of coaching

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Become a natural improviser

Stop preparing and start talking on your feet.
Sharpen your on-the-spot thinking to command
your meetings, negotiations, and media appearances.


Speak with influence

Transform your talks and make a lasting impression.
Captivate your audience using the strategies
of professional speakers and elite storytellers.


Create a team of leaders

The best organizations communicate effectively.
Raise your team's confidence and collaboration
through presentation training and onsite coaching.



Life-changing coaching for extraordinary people



How we can work together

bring me into your company

but only if you want real, lasting change.

No matter the size of your team, I work until every single person has experienced a noticeable transformation to their confidence and communication.

1-on-1 transformational coaching

a year-long journey

For those looking to realize their full potential. This is a transformative experience I offer exclusively to 3 clients per year.

project-based coaching

for an assortment of projects

Previous projects include: interview training, developing keynotes, crafting presentation, building confidence, and freestyle rapping.