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Professional Speaking

Captivate your crowd and make a lasting impression. Accelerate your career using the proven strategies of professional speakers and elite storytellers.



Conquer stage fright once and for all. Discover a permanent comfort when presenting in meetings, leading teams and speaking to audiences


Q & A

Master the art of thinking on your feet. Sharpen your creativity to command your next interview, negotiation, or presentation.

Dan A.

Visual Effects Supervisor

"Michael helped me develop the content and the confidence to inspire an audience of 300 for an entire hour. Thanks to him, I breezed through both the speech and the Q&A with ease!"

Tristan de Montebello

CEO, AboutTheStart.com

"In under 3 months, Michael took me from ZERO public speaking experience to TOP 100 in the world. He's insanely good at what he does. I guarantee Michael will get you results faster than you ever imagined."

Hana Mayeda


"Ask me any question, on or off camera, and I know I can answer it with confidence and creativity. This is all thanks to Michael and his unconventional style of coaching."

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About Me

Michael Gendler is a professional coach, speaker, and freestyle rapper. He draws on principles from improv, stand-up, and public speaking to teach people how to express themselves confidently and creatively.